Uchuu Summer is an artist collective inspired by summer, nostalgia, and the dreaminess of space.

Currently we sell zines, apparel, and accessories.

Look forward to future products!


Overseas boss

Illustrator based in South Korea (but travels often). Always wants to be at a retro cafe.

likes: cats, cafe hopping, travel, drawing doujinshi, retro aesthetic

Tumblr/Twitter: birries

Instagram: bsnippet

Ko-fi: birries 


Big boss

Illustrator based in Pennsylvania. Has a rascal black poodle named Goma.

Likes: dogs, dog training, mac and cheese, Black Sails, comics

instagram: gabbynessss

twitter: gabbyness


Model / Offline Shopkeeper

Uchuu Summer Team Member based in Norcal. You will often see them at conventions and in our product photos looking cool.

Likes: jewelry making, ice skating, BL, cosplaying with friends, mango sago drinks

instagram: gyoza_fairy


CONTACT: info@uchuu.summer.com