Have Fun Bowling Shirt by Genie


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You're sure to have fun in this breezy bowling shirt.

"have fun" is embroidered over the breast pocket. The rest of the design is printed directly on the shirt.

Genie is a minimalist illustrator from Toronto Canada, currently represented in Japan and Asia. Her work has captivated audiences for their soft colors and firm lines. Facinated by illusions and dreams, Genie creates mesmerizing pastel compositions and succinct visual metaphors. Currently, she is writing and illustrating on her graphic novel, “A Cat’s Diary” (2021).




Please note this size chart before ordering (sizing same as Hawaiian shirts). For best fit measure against a shirt you already own that fits you well. This shirt is intended to be loose/oversize so please keep that in mind.

This shirt is made from durable polyester.

Care instructions:

 Wash in warm water. Tumble dry on low heat.