Unity Means Power silicone bracelet


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Unity of firm will. Rather than working alone, we become stronger in greater numbers ! This is the meaning of the <UNITY MEANS POWER> bracelet! The outside of the bracelet contains text. The inside of the bracelet contains various symbols of what we wish to see unified in peace☯☮✳👀

created by S.F. Shonendan

Dimensions: 65*65mm


굳은 의지의 단결, 혼자가 아닌 다수일때 강해짐을 의미하는 <UNITY MEANS POWER> 팔찌! 팔찌의 밖에는 텍스트, 안에는 모든것들이 모이길 바라는 의미의 다양한 심볼들이☯☮✳👀